Dwayne Butcher
"Butcher’s video is flanked by phrases sculpted from insulation panels. One of them offers that endlessly bewildering directive, “Be a Man.” Mark Jenkins, art critic, The Washington Post
Washington Post

"It seems as if Butcher is caught in a complex, often contradictory set of masculine expectations. While he would like to change his appearance and create a slimmed-down physique, he also hears socially-proscribed messages about how body consciousness and concern for weight are feminine traits; “real men” eat what they want, body composition be damned." Eric Hope, art critic, East City Art
East City Art

"Dwayne Butcher has a host of pithy, powerful messages in stark black and white," Walter Lewellyn, art critic, Weld

“Butcher proliferated the awareness of art happenings with his Artbutcher and Visual Memphis web-journals....his staging of events became a vital outlet for artists in need of a communal gathering point for conversation about living the art life and the conditions affecting the art climate of the city.” Catalogue essay John Weeden, Curator Present Tense, The Dixon Gallery Memphis, TN
Present Tense Catalogue

“Dwayne Butcher is the local art scene’s first responder.” Fredric Koeppel, art critic, The Commercial Appeal
Go Memphis

“Butcher is a notoriously active presence on the Memphis arts scene.” Susan Ellis, Managing Editor, The Memphis Flyer
Memphis Flyer

“Dwayne Butcher, an artist who has been documenting the community in a blog, artbutcher.blogspot.com, for several years.” Melena Ryzik, The New York Times
New York Times

“His blog is the most up-to-date resource for all things artistic in Memphis. Galleries, museums, panels, whatever, Dwayne will find out and let you know. It is also a forum for his own art, which is well worth a look.” Adrian Duran, Art21